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Multiagency Partnership

One of the main concerns that this literature conveys is the shortages among staff in certain specialities, miscommunication, or lack of it, funding issues, and inefficient time allotments. What can be done to correct the problems and retain a partnership between agencies is also included. The conclusion that is discovered is that it will take the assistance of multiple policy holders, legislators, and the communities themselves to bring a better balance on multiethnic differences, especially in the National Health Care System.
In the last few years there has been found to be a lack of understanding between a number of organizations in the social aspects of social work, health care, and many community organizations. Two of the leading National agencies, which one is officially being lead by predominantly white officials, and the other being a mixture of BME community organizations, are known to be racially/culturally divided in the areas of 'diversity and community cohesion' (ARVAC 2005). ...
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The research compiled has demonstrated that there are a number of issues blocking necessary communication between multiethnic organizations and main stream sector agencies. This has posed considerable stress in the areas of: healthcare, social work, education, and integration of different ethnicities in diverse communities…
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