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Women in management

The presence of women in management positions, or positions traditionally occupied by men, became more prevalent after the passage of title VII and Title IX.However, the enactment of these laws have not proven to be the panaceas which was envisaged. Companies have skirted with the laws and showcased a few isolated incidents which gave the perception that they were moving full speed ahead with equality, when in actuality they were pacifying the authorities and the public. As David Leonhardt points out in a recent New York Times article; “all the recent high-profile achievements - the first female secretary of state, the first female lead anchor of a nightly news-cast, the first female president of Princeton, and the first female speaker of the house – do not reflect what is happening to most women”(Leonhardt) As a matter of course, the higher the hierarchal order the more prevalent the proverbial glass ceiling persists. As a general rule, companies for the most part do not exhibit a problem with employing women. However, most companies have exhibited a long standing history of gender stratification, income discrimination according to gender, and discrimination in upper anagement positions.One of the most telling issues in today’s workplace is the difference in pay received by women who occupy the same work as their male counterparts, yet the women do not receive the same pay as men.
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The presence of women in management positions, or positions traditionally occupied by men, became more prevalent after the passage of title VII and Title IX.However, the enactment of these laws have not proven to be the panaceas which was envisaged. …
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