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New Media Degree

It is adaptable with the new computer programmes thus making work flow without impediments. Its availability in video has enabled it to capture attention of the public more easily, with its main disadvantage being that its spending has not been well articulated all over the world despite its significant use in this era.
In terms of the design industry, the video game industry has seen it be able to produce 3D animation games that have a high virtual representative ness of the real world. The music industry has benefited in terms of synthetic sound production while put to a demerit at the same time from increased piracy from new media. The transport industry has modified its vehicles to be safety oriented while the web design industry has expanded social relations beyond boarders but discredited due to pornographic sites that erode morals of minors and the society in general.
New media is a recent term that has come to be used in reference to the digital world more so with reference to computers in information and communication technology. It is a product of the twentieth centaury that saw its evolutionary roots from analogue technology. It has characterized relations of this era by making globalization a popular topic. ...
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New media has impacted the advertising industry among other industries positively to a certain degree in that one; it has made maximum impact to the public in brand advertisement through studies that have been carried out on this topic. It is dynamical flexible and in that, enabled the increase in advertisement design and editing in minimum time…
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