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Human Resources Management

The quality of an organization is, to a large degree, merely the summation of the quality of the people it hires and keeps. Getting and keeping competent employees are critical to the success of every organization, whether the organization is just starting or has been in the business for years. Therefore part of every manager's job in the organization function is human resource management." (Robins and Coulter, 2001)
Through out the world, every organization is practicing HRM to reduce the differences and status between the managers and employees. By giving the slight authorities and freedom to work, the employees can do better. The HR manager brings the workforce together and he knows how to properly maintain its workforce by various tools and methods. In recent years the operations of HRM have been changes from last 10 years. "The world of work in which Human Resource Management (HRM) operates has changed dramatically in the last half century. Not surprisingly, therefore, the HRM concepts and practices being created and carried out today are also increasingly different from those of the past." (Korman et al, 1999)
Most of the organizations refer their employees as their biggest asset. They think employees as the most important part of the organization. ...
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Human Resource management plays a very important role in the success of an organization. Human resource has given birth to Strategic HRM. The research paper will evaluate the changing role of the HR function in the contemporary organization and the likely effects of these changes on the practice of HRM.
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