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Crime and Criminality

Renowned "Criminology" author Larry Siegel had this to ask, "Why do people behave the way they do What causes one person to become violent and anti-social while another channels his or her energy into work, school and family". (Siegel L, 1998)
Imperative then in finding and forging the right and better approach to first have the clearest perspective of the 'enemies' out there. Government reforms, actions and interventions are almost always subject to opposing views and analysis thereby opening the nation and the people to yet another war of the minds.
There are countless of theories, concepts, typologies and patterns to crime and criminality. Siegel in approaching the matter touched on both qualitative approach - the concepts of crime, law and criminology, the nature and extent of crime, theories of crime causation among others. All these he did while at the same extensively discussing and
Quantitative approach too in the presentation of victim survey trends, statistics and case studies on chronic offenders, success and failures of the government's crisis intervention and a wide expanse of surveys. (Siegel L, pp 46 - 71)
Behaviors constituting a prohibited and offensive act have even evolved into certain categories and seemingly stereo-typecasted. ...
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Nations around the world regardless of might and power, form of government, number of populace, territorial regions and resources at hand all have a similar battle - the struggle for peace and order. That one fight against crime and criminality. This one vision for a nation stable against internal and external threats against the citizenry.
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