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Cultural impact on organ donation - Essay Example

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To people with organ failure anywhere in the world,organ transplants are known as gifts of life and gifts of love.It is a separate matter altogether that all patients will not receive organ donations in times of need.This could be due to cultural restraints,religious beliefs,or a shortage of donor organs…

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Cultural impact on organ donation

While certain groups of people would not permit themselves to become the selfless donors of organs during their lifetimes or upon death, there are others that do not allow themselves to use donated organs because of individual beliefs, regardless of whether we consider these puritanical or not. Financial considerations also come into play. In poorer parts of the world where organs are sold much of the time, the majority may not be able to afford them.In the United Kingdom, more than six thousand persons each year wait for a donor organ to arrive in time and save their lives. They go through severe illness and painful treatment during this indefinite waiting period. There are fewer than three thousand organ transplants carried out every year. And, at least four hundred people die while waiting (Macnair 2006).Dr. Trisha Macnair of UK reports that the South Asian, African and African-Caribbean people are three to four times more likely to need an organ donation owing to special genetic factors. However, it is not easy to find organs for them because the Asians and the Black African folks do not readily agree to organ transplantation. Only 2.4 percent of the people registered for organ donation belong to ethnic minority groups.Dr. Macnair writes: "The best match is likely to come from someone from the same ethnic group." This is because certain genetic types are more likely to occur within particular populations and unusual blood groups often found among particular minority ethnic groups. ...
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