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People prefer to use the phrases like one planet or one global society, in reality, there is much dissimilarity with those euphemistical wordings. In fact, the whole global community is categorically divided into two segments: one is for the rich, while the other is for the poor…

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America has done much late to introduce women representation in the political arena, particularly in the case of presidential election. But, being the pioneering example of democracy, America should have been introduced the system of giving an equal chance to the female candidates for being elected as a President alike the male candidates much earlier. Asmer states that “The matter of being elected as a president depends on the decision of the people whom they think most appropriate to move the country on the way of gradual development”. The race is a powerful mover in the context of America in matters associated with the national election. But, people consider the benefits they get from the Government and accordingly cast their support for a particular party. Generally, women are seemed as sustaining and preserving everything with utmost motherly care. The recent example suggests that “Condoleezza Rice has gained reputation and popularity because of her effort of rendering America as a perfectly meritocratic land of opportunity”. This manifests the reflection of peoples’ support for making contribution facilitating the gradual development of the country. ...
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