Rural Poverty and Environment

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The article Environment and Development (p487) states that, "environmental destruction and high fertility go hand in hand, they are both direct outgrowths of absolute poverty." Accordingly, the issues of "landlessness, poverty and lack of access to institutional resources" must first be addressed.


Andrew Steer in his article "Ten Principles of the New Environmentalism" agrees that "about one hundred countries have now prepared national environmental strategies, and tangible changes in addressing environmental issues are apparent in about half this number."(p.230)
Guided by the Article on Policy Options in Developing Countries (p512) an examination of its implementation to the context of a third world country, the Philippines, for better understanding and evaluation is hereby presented:
1) Proper resource pricing is instituting programs that are truly for the poor. The determination of whether the programs are really pro poor is the primary function of the local government unit. It is this arm of government at the local level that is able to determine the needs of its constituents and how these needs may be met. The autonomy granted to the local government by the 1986 constitution empowers them to tap resources of the government like the Department of Social Welfare and Development to help them monitor that such programs really benefit the needy.
2) Community involvement ensures that the programs to improve environmental conditions are implemented successfully. ...
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