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Essay example - Does the 'family'still serve society

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The traditional family - father, mother, and children all under one roof - appears to be a decreasing part of the societal normal scheme of things. This also doesn't mean that the family unit no longer exists within society. There are many families that are headed by a single father, single mother, or cases where the children are being raised by grandparents for any number of reasons, including the death of both parents…

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As the composition of the family unit has changed since the 1950's, so have the ways in which families regard their contributions to society. In spite of the changes in families over the years, some things have not changed. No matter what the structure of the family unit, the same societal expectations exist as always. It is still expected that a family, traditional or non-traditional, will have someone within the structure who will take on the financial responsibility of providing for the family unit. The fact that 18% of children under the age of 18 are living in a household with only one parent doesn't change the role of that family unit. Society, as a whole, has changed the way the family unit is conceived, and it is no longer seen as the two-parent, one-breadwinner family of the past. It is predicted that the trend of modern vs. traditional families will continue throughout the 21st Century. ...
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