Gender Equality Policy of Sheffield City Council

Case Study
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Diversity is the acceptance, understanding, valuing and celebration of differences among people. These differences may be with reference to gender, race, age, religion, disability and sexual orientation. Diversity brings about differences in the way people perceive others within an organization; the same applies to Sheffield Council.


These policies were influenced by Legislation and Government Policies, Commissions and other groups dealing with gender related issues.
The Council has chosen to deal with the issue of gender specifically because there have been many cases of sexual discrimination in the country and other surrounding areas. This has been witnessed in both provisions of services and also during employment practices. It is also essential for the Council to address the needs of specific groups within the organisation. By placing gender into the policy framework of the Council, it is demonstrating that it does not consider all members of the Council as a homogenous group. It recognises that there are distinct groups who have different characteristics, behaviours and even needs. Sheffield Council is currently implementing this policy from the year 2007 to 2010. It is therefore imperative to analyse it because it is already an issue that has been employed. Besides this, Sheffield Council believes that providing gender equality will contribute towards an eradication of discrimination from the organisation.
The gender equality policy is also very useful to the provision of services by the Council. This is because the policy facilitates equal opportunities during service provision. ...
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