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Research Proposal example - Introduction To Skills

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Research Proposal
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Police Community Support Officers are recruited to support regular police officers working within a given community. The main aim of engaging these officers is to use them in handling cases of petty crimes so as to relieve the regular officers to spare some time to concentrate on more serious crimes…

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I need to develop a questionnaire to be used in collecting the relevant data to investigate these attitudes. My questionnaire will contain thirty items and will attempt to address all the players in the area of community policing.
I appreciate your answering the questions in this booklet. The questionnaire is designed to collect information to investigate attitudes associated with the introduction, implementation and effectiveness of Police Community Support Officers within the police service. It is important that you answer each question as thoughtfully and frankly as possible. This is not a test, and there is no right or wrong answer. Your individual responses will not be used to identify you but only to study how different groups of people respond to the questions. To ensure complete confidentiality, please do not write your name anywhere on the questionnaire.
1. Most questions have five responses. Please record your answers by selecting one of the choices next to each question. If none of the choices matches your perception exactly, use the one that is closest to it.
15. Support the idea that PCSO should work under the direction of a police commander.........................................................................................................1, 2, 3, 4, 5
17. View PCSO as a response to the failure of authority figures...................... ...
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