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Taliban - Case Study Example

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Case Study
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A community is a group of people who share the same characteristics. Sociologists define a community as a social organization which is based on small groups. These groups can be neighborhoods, a small town or a spatially enclosed area. However, anthropologists define community as groups that are defined by the same culture…

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(Gerard Delanty, 2003) Its definition depends on which criterion is used to categorize the population under consideration.
This paper aims to describe all aspects of a selected community. I have chosen Taliban as the community under discussion. Taliban is a cultural, ideological and a political community and has a history and presence that has changed how the world operates.
Taliban is a word derived from the Persian word 'Talib' which means religious student. (William Maley, 1998) It started off with a group of a couple of hundred people who got educated in Madurassas or Islamic Schools. They were mostly from the Pashtun ethnic group which constitutes for 40 percent of the Afghan population. (Ahmed Rashid, 2002)
They did not gain popularity until soviets left Afghanistan and different cliques and divisions started fighting amongst themselves for control. The Afghan Population got sick of how things were working in Afghanistan as there was no law and order maintained in the country, the infrastructure was completely destroyed and in short, Afghanistan was on the verge of becoming a Failed State. The almost failed state needed a well organized government which had no other interests other than the well being of the country. ...
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