Why Is It Sociologically Important To Acknowledge Human Nature And Human Needs

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The problem of relations between society and individuality remains one of the most disputable questions discussed by human sciences. The problem is regarded from various points of view, with many approaches that often are opposite to each other. Some authors insist that the society life is continuous pressure that causes stresses to the personality.


Society also has a range of specific needs. One of them is, for example, a need for collective notion of order, the other is the need for a set of definite regulations that should be understood and recognized by the members of the society. A world that is obeyed to definite ruled is easy to predict, so the core of the society lies in the behaviour of its members. One more essential need is a need for unity among social actors, another is the need for their desire to carry out their social duties and give up something for the benefit of the community. Society also needs that all the members correlate their actions with the activity of the society in general. Thus, human motivation and actions transform into the goals and mechanisms of the society functioning, so observation of the human needs and interests is extremely valuable for the successful functioning of the society in general. (On the Needs of Self and Society)
Before describing various approaches that observe the structure and division of the human needs, it is necessary to give the definition of the term "need". Henry Murray in his book Explorations in Personality (1938) gave a definition that is considered to be one of the most fine and detailed. This definition is as follows:
A need is a construct (a convenient fiction or hypothetical concept ...
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