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Essay example - Globalization and Sports

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The world is changing everyday. Our world is gradually becoming one single huge market. Some people say that the world has become a village. Globalization refers to the process that is characterized by:
Globalization promotes on increasing mobility of people although the control over migrations is greater than ever (air traffic has never been so important in the worlds history), global alliances among companies are more and more common…

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Globalization provides new dimension to citizenship global citizenship. Global citizenship means to be more critical of what we consume and in which conditions products have been produced and to be more aware of global issues such as poverty effecting the world, environmental problems or violence. Additionally, some people agree that social and cultural globalization means the opposite of homogeneity, that on the contrary new practices and identities are created as a result of the processes of interaction. Despite of the increasingly technological developments between haves and have-not's, is one of the major drawbacks of this trend. One of the positive consequences of opening up of the borders and development of different modes by communication such as Internet, it has become easier to communicate and move across to globe. ...
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