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“Clothes makes a man”. The outfit of a person depicts the personality and express the attitude. Clothes are the window which opens our spirit, our ideas, our views and our life style to the world. They strengthen and empower us to make us feel beautiful from inside and out. We are constantly being influenced by the places and people around us; we mold and adjust to our surroundings depending upon various constraints which play crucial role in defining what we are! These parameters are-I . Gender: Both the genders represent different aura and gesture.Women’s wear: Includes day wear, evening wear and lingerie; are more towards glamour,sophistication and as per the occasion. E.g. range of collection in Indian culture- bridal, traditional and formal.Men’s wear: Includes day wear and evening wear; are more towards casual, comfortable, smart and elegant. E.g. range of collection in Indian culture- Traditional (Kurtas and Sherwanis) and formals.II. Postcolonial study: It deals with cultural identity in colonized societies, Partha Chaterjee, in The Nation & its Fragments, characterizes the colonial project as “…the normalizing role of colonial differences namely the preservation of the alienness of the ruling group”.This at times leads to creative resistance (Wikipedia: Fashion). E.g The Indians living in US or UK normally follows the code and conduct of their apparel based on Indian tradition and culture albeit their environment is diverse. III. Taste and Society: Every individual is known for the individuality he has. ...
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“Clothes makes a man”. The outfit of a person depicts the personality and express the attitude. Clothes are the window which opens our spirit, our ideas, our views and our life style to the world.They strengthen and empower us to make us feel beautiful from inside and out. …
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