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Essay example - Portrayal of Women in Public Relations

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Public relations are one of the most important elements of the Promotional Mix. Out of the many elements available, Public relations enables the public relations professionals to change the behavior of the individuals who maybe directly or indirectly involve with the product or service at hand and aims to develop a feeling of goodwill and trust amongst the consumers…

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It is a way of telling people the truth about the product, in comparison to an advertisement that gives you guarantees public relations focuses on gratis. So it aims to manage and influence people's way of thinking so that they can bring out the behaviors that would be in line with organization's objectives. When they are able to make the change in behavior through persistent persuasion, their job is done.
In today's world, many organizations workings depend on day to day transactions, decisions are made with very little and ambiguous information as there is no time to waste, therefore they present high risk and great impact on the lives of the people and have high chances of getting into major crises. Due to these factors the chances of an organization to get into trouble or to miss out on an opportunity or even having negative impact that are three folds. at a time like that an organization that is not prepared lacks skills of communicating with its customer, misinformed and lost employees, uninformed and uncomfortable spokesperson, all are capable of doing tremendous damage to the reputation and goodwill of businesses or even the entire industry with the help of the ever-intruding media and unaware consumers. ...
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