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Weber's Ideal Types.

We would subsequently move onto a very important debate of two very important writers from the field of sociology: Karl Marx and mile Durkheim and their conflicting analysis on society and the state. After we have clearly explained their stances on the matter, we will try to use Weber's theory of ideal type and try and establish its implication on the debate between Marx and Durkhiem and see whether the concept of ideal type can better help explain the concept at hand.

With this structure in mind, let us move onto the concept of the ideal type, as proposed by Max Weber. Basically, an ideal type is the formulation of a systematic build, which put in extremely simple terms, acts as an assessment implement for a researcher who wishes to determine the similarities and difference between the concrete conceptual arguments. Suffice to say, many who are related to the field of sociology consider this to be an ideal construct for comparative study. "An ideal type is formed by the one-sided accentuation of one or more points of view and by the synthesis of a great many diffuse, discrete, more or less present and occasionally absent concrete individual phenomena, which are arranged according to those one-sidedly emphasized viewpoints into a unified analytical construct." ...
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The purpose of this paper is not to understand the theory of the ideal type that has been proposed by Max Weber but it is to understand the usability of this theory in understanding other conflicting opinions in the modern sociology…
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