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Social relationships

. . identity is about belonging, about what you have in common with some people and what differentiates you from others. At most basic, it gives you sense of personal location, the stable core to your individuality. it is also about your social relationships, your complex involvement with others" (Weeks 1996, p.24). What seems to be the most characteristic of this definition is that it reconciles two apparently distinct spheres - personal and social. With this definition and available social scientific material in mind, I will try to relate relevant examples of my own experience to the quote, and in the process to better understand which factors have contributed to the formation of my identity.
First of all, as we have mentioned the complexity of the social structure of modern societies, it is necessary to emphasise which social factors actually create such a complexity. For this purpose we can employ several relevant sociological concepts. ...
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Today our modern society is so full of complex interactions and processes that we, although being immediately involved into that intricate social network, nevertheless can get easily confused about our real place in it. At the same time, as human beings are social by their very nature social interaction constitutes the most important part of a sound development of human personality, and as such is the principal factor that influences the formation of identity of an individual (Cote and Levine 2002, p…
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