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Essay example - Social Class Master

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In the modern eon, decorated beautifully with the terms such as 'the age of science,' 'the age of scientific technology,' or 'the age of communication,' all those factors that characterize such a christening of the age affect our understanding of the concept of social class…

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2008). Also, the social existence in the background of complex societal situations as defined by the divergent and reciprocally conflicting theories of Capitalism, Marxism etc has resulted in the new social patterns. In this new situation, the large scale, macro-sociological, and structural sociological theories that were developed by Marx, Durkheim, Weber, and Parsons and the functional school, have great implications in determining the new models of social class. Most conspicuously, such theories that affect the modern class divisions are the results of the great efforts by theorists and thinkers of the latter half of the nineteenth and the early twentieth centuries in Europe. "These theories were developed by European social theorists who were attempting to understand the new social world of a modern, industrial, urban society. These classical theories established sociology as an academic discipline, their definition of the social world established the scope of sociological study, and their methodologies determined how sociology would be studied and applied." (Micro Approaches and Simmel. ...
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