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The Role of a Model in Fashion - Essay Example

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Author : leannonlawson
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A suitable starting point to define society's perception of 'the model' must surely be by grounding its definition in some form. Wikopedia defines the model as "somebody who acts as a human prop for purposes of art, photography, pornography, fashion, advertising etc." (2006)…

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The Role of a Model in Fashion

The model's role is as a canvas or tool over which arts, like fashion, are exhibited. The fashion model shows off the designer's clothes, for example. In this, we may come to a conclusion over the existence of an 'Ideal Model'. Does an ideal model exist What would be her attributes Kate Moss may be considered the ideal canvas due to her simplicity, nondescript superfici, and angular features. She may be considered art in herself, and carries the role of the photographer's muse as an organic beauty. Or she may be simply the structure over which inorganic arts, like fashion, finds presentation.
If the model functions not as the aesthetic in herself, but as a platform for couture fashion, then she may be defined also as nothing more than "a coat hanger for fantasy" (Shumann 2006). The model is used, then, as a tool by which fashion designers sell clothing. She is nothing more than a commodity. If the value of a model is in her ability to market, then Kate Moss is an ideal. Designers are able to use her as a coat hanger and sell their ideas. But this is a dichotomy, the idea that a specific model is more marketable for her face value and that she is simultaneously only the prop. Nonetheless, it is clearly evident that without the model, clothing is hardly marketable.
I maintain that the ideal model, in terms of marketability, is dependent upon her presence as an icon. ...
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