Social Exclusion Essay

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A great percentage of human behaviour does not occur as a result of individual liking. Instead it is directed by institutional norms, conventions and rules which have powerful effect on individuals' lives. Institutions at times are defined as the "rules of the game" in a community.


These aspects have resulted to regional differences in relation to division of labour of gender in relation to reproduction and production, paid labour and unpaid labour, and in domestic and public spheres. Vanderbeck & Dunkley (2006) states that, the different values, norms and rules governing the gender in terms of division of labour and gender sharing of responsibilities, resources and power are significant elements in understanding the manner of inequality of gender in different regions and societies.
Geographical differences mean that men and women take part in their national or regional economic activities differently from one another. More so these differences differ across the world. Two major factors are specifically significant in determining at which extent women take part in the main economic activities and their reach valued social resources;
2. How inflexible the "public private" segregate is, thus affecting the degree of the women in terms of public movement and opportunities for straight economic participation (Vanderbeck & Dunkley, 2006)
Research form various social sciences subjects hints that there are different household variations which are associated with specific "regional patriarchies". These basically concerns land inherences, economic activities, welfare outcomes and marital practices. (Vanderbeck & Dunkley, 2006)
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