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Business submission

Since, all things being equal, responsible driving on the part of the youth can well be ascribed to maturity (in age terms), to self-control, and to a sense of responsibility, policy reviews regarding frequent road mishaps should incorporate issues relating to these three physical and qualitative credentials. My submission will therefore examine the recent policy reviews in relation to these credentials.
i. The minimum period of learner licence should be extended to eighteen months. Since researches suggest that "A compulsory 120 hours will almost triple the amount of experience most learner drivers get before they drive unaccompanied" (Web Young driver's paper) ; that is, tripling the six months to eighteen months will allow drivers just as much time to gain thrice as much experience as they currently have. This measure will give little justification or cause for fraudulence and falsification. ...
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This submission is in response to the recent policy matter on the frequent deaths of our young drivers. Statistics have shown that young drivers are two and half times "more likely to be killed in a road accident" (Briefing) than are older drivers. But why this greater likelihood Is it due to a falsification of age on the part of prospective young drivers, since this trend is new and has not existed over the many past years during which youths have been behind the wheels The report explicitly refers to "current figures" (Briefing), meaning young drivers who had been certified fit to drive had been less likely to be killed in a road accident than they are nowadays…
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