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Deciding on a Starting Point

So much suffering can end immediately with a simple change in perspective.
When it comes to change, I believe that it can happen very quickly. Maybe not in all cases. Certainly some people may have deep-seated problems, stemming from childhood, that will take longer to work with and require a somewhat different approach; however, other changes can be accomplished without so much delving into the past. I believe that the client has an equal responsibility with the therapist in working toward a positive outcome for effective change. There is nothing wrong with a simple contract approach to that mutual commitment. Change takes place on multiple levels: feelings, thoughts and behavior. The most effective level at which to intervene will depend upon the client's personality, coping style, and current problems.
I plan to eventually open a clinic specializing in marriage and family counseling. I see my role as more often assisting normal people with adjustment problems, rather than those with severe personality disorders or major substance abuse problems. I think it's important to know ones strengths and limitations and to build a strong referral network to other specialists.
I am most "at home" with the Rational-Emotive-Behavior therapy approach developed by Albert Ellis. ...
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I am liberal, compassionate and open-minded, but also straight forward and to the point. I am willing to be confrontational when necessary, but I prefer to be medium to low key in my interaction with clients. I listen well but also would interject when I feel that a session is off course…
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