Alabama-Coushatta Indians culture

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This paper provides an overview of the culture of the Alabama-Coushatta Indians and Black Seminoles. This paper attempts to briefly describe the lifestyle, values and norms of this minority groups residing in Texas.
The Alabama-Coushatta Indians are actually comprised of two distinct tribes, namely the Alabama and Coushatta tribes, which coalesced and co-existed.


In 1987, this minority group became one of the Indian tribes in Texas officially recognized by the federal government. This entitled them for federal loans and funding for infrastructure improvement (Cook, 2000).
As a people, the Alabama-Coushatta Indians are described as civilized with highly developed social norms. They lived in towns or villages with a public square, ball playing yard and council house (Cook, 2000). For sustenance, the group, which greatly adheres to the farming culture, plants crops like corn, beans and squash among others. They also gather berries, roots and nuts (Moore, n.d.). Furthermore, these people engage in trading, fishing and hunting by utilizing various innovative tools (Cook, 2000).
The Alabama-Coushatta Indians are said to be a part of the Southeastern Mound Building cultures. Tribes under this classification basically share a common religion. As part of their religious tradition, each house kept a sacred fire alive all the time. They also built pyramid-like temple mounds of dirt where they would then put a temple or the house of a priest or chief on top (Moore, n.d.).
An important part of the Alabama-Coushatta way of life is giving honor to their heritage and cautiously weighing how decisions to be made in the present time will affect t ...
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