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Essay example - The Psychological Effects of Alcohol

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The effects of consuming alcohol can be extremely subtle or they can take on dramatic dimensions. The results can range from mild lowering of inhibitions to serious physical and mental health problems. The damage to the body that results from the overuse of alcohol can include organ damage as well as permanent brain damage…

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The pattern of use is further defined in terms of short term and long term effect.
This paper will explore the various psychological and health problems associated with differing patterns and levels of alcohol use. It will also investigate the underlying causes of alcohol use and abuse and reveal several contributing factors. In addition, it will point out early warnings as well as signs commonly exhibited by alcoholics.
Moderate alcohol use is generally accepted in appropriate social settings and as a rule causes no health problems for the general population. Alcohol abuse is the over consumption of alcohol in a single event. The effects can range from mild changes in the subject's attitude to a severe altering of vision, balance and speech (Health24). These effects usually wear off in a matter of hours after the person stops drinking. However, if the blood alcohol level reaches .50, fatality can be the result.
Abusers are not necessarily physically addicted to alcohol, but develop problems as a result of their alcohol consumption and poor judgment, failure to understand the risks, or lack of concern about damage to themselves or others. Alcohol abuse may manifest anti-social and violent behavior. Studies have indicated that as many as 35% of all suicides and homicides are alcohol related. Alcohol is involved in 40% of all child abuse and rape cases. ...
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