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Ethics and Values in Social Work - Case Study Example

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Case Study
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It has been an ultimate dilemma of our society to give least importance to the ethics and values that need to be prevailed while carrying out any form of social work. "Worker as a person has moral responsibility to make decisions."(Banks, Sarah 2005). As an extract of this quotation, Sarah conveys that even if Social Work agencies fail to recognize primary ethics of working for some benefit, a social himself is supposed to obey the rules and regulations that are set by several associations for instance regulations issued by British Association of Social workers, code of Ethics.

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Ethics and Values in Social Work

Under the statement "Equal treatment and protection under the law" (BASW: code of ethics), people like Mike and Kylie should not be facing consequences of Disability because they are not disabled by choice rather they have been like this due to mistreatment and less care. As a worker, it becomes my responsibility to make people aware of laws regarding equality, take sessions and teach younger kids not to discriminate anyone on the basis of color, cast, living style or financial standard (Williams, 2006).
Michael's parents are concerned but they have only been supporting morally. They need to be equipped with first hand knowledge of social justice. Since they have brought up Michael, they should be aware of social justice principles. As per the law, "The fair and equitable distribution of resources to meet basic human needs" (BASW: code of Ethics) is necessary. ...
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