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Essay example - Western Architecture in Urban China.

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Western Architecture in Urban China.
Few capital cities in the world, barring those destroyed by war or other calamity, have undergone such a rapid change in such a short space of time as Beijing, China (Economist ed 2004)…

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This is part of an orgy of construction across urban China that is providing unparalleled opportunities for foreign architects to fulfil their wildest dreams (Economist ed 2004). China's spending on construction ranks only behind the United States' and Japan's and is growing the fastest of the top ten spenders, at 8-9 percent annually. Remarkably, given China's cultural pride, most of the highest-profile projects now underway in Beijing were designed by foreign celebrities (Economist ed 2004).

It becomes important to examine how the impact of another culture, in this case Modern Western culture, can change the buildings and homes of another. This will allow the research to study architecture as a cultural discipline in which issues of practice, of the multiplicity of social formations in which buildings exist, and of changes with the subject matter of building design - construction, space, material. Architecture arises from the aspirations those diverse individuals and groups have for their physical environment and from the social enterprise of designing and fabricating the landscape people inhabit. Understanding how one culture can impact another will develop better knowledge of the changing world around us. It is important to note that, for the purposes of this research, Western includes America and Western Europe. ...
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