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Working with mentally retarded

Blackstone Valley Arc is a non profit organization which works exclusively for the mentally handicapped and disabled.
Throughout that time I also worked at a Sunday relief center for youngsters and grownups with disabilities and mentally retarded who lived with their families, and later as the weekend personnel at a group home for 15 adult females. I have worked with groups whose extent of retardation varied from mild to intense.
Mentally retarded adults and children have personalities, lifestyles and concerns as diverse as any other section of mankind. These people also have power to analyze their experiences and learn from them. Although their learning process might be a bit weaker than a normal person, but that does not mean that they cannot overcome this problem through persistent efforts and effective support from others. I learned that in order to enhance their learning ability, we would have to provide them the facilities and the proper moral support in order to motivate them in order to rise up to the level of others. The most common method to utilize this is by breaking up complex tasks into minor small parts which would let them comprehend and analyze the problem effectively.
Another concern of such disabled and mentally retarded adults and children is that they should be treated as a normal person. ...
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I have had ample experience of working with disabled and mentally retarded people. I had always enjoyed doing welfare work, which would benefit the society and deserving people. I felt that the disabled are looked down in our society and thus they are not given equal opportunities at all fields of life…
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