Multi-Professional Teams Working In Hospitals and Primary Care Settings

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How primary care is delivered can be seen as changing rapidly to meet the diverse needs of service users, 'based on making radical changes for the benefit of patients, the focus being on promoting a culture of innovation, support and best practice by:
Documents such as the NHS Plan (Doll 2000), The Way to Go Home (Audit Commission 2000) and the National Service Framework for Patients (DoH 2001b) focus on the potential of therapeutic working that enables and empowers individuals.


According to Madge and Khair (2000) the renewed interest in various practitioners working together in physiotherapy teams has led to many definitions and descriptions, including 'multi-professional' (Cott 1997), 'interprofessional' (Barr 1997) and 'trans-professional' (Rosen et al 1998). Madge and Khair (2000) suggest that despite the varying terminology and differing definitions it is of paramount importance that professionals are able to identify their places within 'the group' and their roles with patients. Lack of understanding by practitioners of the definitions and values associated with the three main differing approaches to team-working can be seen as contributing to lack of clarity and potential confusion.
According to Porter-O'Grady (1995): 'In today's team-based organisations there are many issues that have to be addressed to ensure effectiveness The greatest problem in these emerging multiprofessional physiotherap ...
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