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My time volunteering in Belize during my summer after my senior year gave me a lot of useful experience. I started a program with my church group that would send our participating members to Belize to volunteer for 2 weeks. I planned and organized the trip and the people who went were my youth pastor (Eddie) and 4 close friends (Lucas, Adam, Jordy, and Andrew), and it was everyone's first time leaving the country…

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Most of the people spoke English but Eddie and I spoke Spanish as well which also helped us.
We also have organized the delivery of gifts for orphan children. There was so much of gratitude on their faces when they saw their names on the boxes with gifts! They expressed their feelings in Spanish. But the language barrier didn't prevent our dialogs, although sometimes Lucas and Jordy looked so confused that Eddie and I had to give them some useful lessons! Seeing the children reaction to the gifts, we were confirmed in our God who takes care of everybody on the Earth! There were a lot of people who came to thank us for a very long time.
On the way to a village near Belmopan our bus has been broken. It is hard to call us mechanics, especially me and Eddie, but we all took active part in repair the bus. We thank God for our troubles and our determination in overcoming them! Having arrived to the village, we saw a horrible situation. The people needed a lot of problems to be resolved, and we were full of determination to help them as much as we could. Some children in the village were cough flu, and there were almost no medicines there. ...
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