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Essay example - Post-Modern Tourism

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Tourist is somebody who travels for pleasure: somebody who visits places away from home for pleasure (Encarta,2004). Todays tourist was considered as an integral part of post modernity interms of current fashion and lifestyle brought by massive globalisation technology…

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That tourist attractions are precisely analogous to the religious symbolism of primitive peoples culture. Any touristic activities can even understand the taxonomies, values, ideologies, rituals, meaning systems, and differentiations of the modern world. That the international tourism industry does conventionally reproduce and reinforce the modernist ideological separation of the modern from the non-modern world . They have begun to be incorporate it into the ideologies and practices of the capitalist modernity (Tourist Production par 10).
Yochi Li's, 2005 (par 16) reported that tourism has become fetishized as a thing, a product and a behavior particularly economic in nature. That todays tourism was considered as the highest earner industry of the world. Tourism as a heuristic interprets modernity that is searching for an 'authentic' experiences in the world where people in the modern world are alienated. It is a form of liminal, heightened experience of seeking an authenticity outside the structure of mundane, ordinary, alienated work life ( Gazing par 8).
That tourism is a way for people to overcome the confusions of the modern world through sightseeing that helps organize a tourist's perception. ...
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