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Sociological Theories

In this essay, the theories of mile Durkheim's social facts and Max Weber's bureaucracy will be discussed with comparisons and contrasts.
According to Durkheim, social facts are things that influence people's behaviour and these things can include jobs, money, education or marital status (, 1977). These are things external to an individual, but yet are considered as powerful determinants to the patterns of behaviour that are evident in individuals. Thus, an individual will feel the constraints with or without these factors, if these become embedded in the consciousness of an individual because of its ability to direct an individual's desires.
Having established that the society influences an individual's interests and directs an individual's desires, Durkheim went on to study the characteristics of two different religious groups and the behaviour of its respective followers. In this study, Durkheim found that social integration, or the lack of, of a group affects the behaviour of individuals, whether good or bad. This social integration includes specific social attachments among individuals as well as the degree to which they share common sentiments and beliefs (Classical Stage European Sources of Sociological Theory, 2008). ...
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There have been ongoing interests in the social events that affect people's lives, both in good and bad ways. Sociological theories have been developed and introduced as far as a few hundred years ago to address this issue and to better understand the reasons behind people's behaviour…
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