The Kindness of Strangers

High school
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As a teenage girl, I was working to make meaningful friendships. However, long hours of studying often limited opportunities as I my struggled to excel in my classes. As I had only recently come to this country from Korea, social and language barriers at times seemed insurmountable.


While playing a game of Frisbee in my front yard with Har Lan, she darted out in front of a car and was hit. The car sped away, not showing the courtesy to stop. My Har Lan suffered a serious injury to her front leg and was unable to walk. I cried as I carried her into the house. As I tended to Har Lan's broken leg, I could hear the echo of my mother saying, "She will be your responsibility." So as I called veterinarians, all sympathetic, my despair deepened as I found the estimated cost of several hundred dollars to be far beyond my reach. After hearing "I'm sorry we couldn't help" several times, I persisted through one more call. The receptionist must have heard the tears in my eyes as she said hold for just a moment. She soon came back to the phone and told me that the veterinarian had agreed to do the necessary treatment at no charge. My mother rushed us to the office where the doctor placed a splint on Har Lan's leg.
Har Lan is a good as new now and an even better friend, but it was Dr. Rebecca Cox, the veterinarian, who instilled in me the lasting meaning of the kindness of strangers. Thanks to her, I fully appreciate what it means to give. She inspired me to work hard to succeed in everything I do so I'll have something to offer a stranger in need. ...
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