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Essay example - The importance of teamwork in a close protection environment

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Teamwork is conjoint action by a group of people, in which personal interests are subjected to group unanimity and efficiency, it is a concerted effort. Teamwork is the conception of people working jointly as a team. The conception has spread from the field of sports where it is universally known and common, to business, to such an extent, that it is in danger of being thought of by some only a buzz term, or a kind of corporate-speak…

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Team members are appreciated at the quality of the product and their contributions to the team joint operation as well as the quality of the completion of their personally assigned tasks. Groups are specifically good at combining together talents and providing novel solutions to possible unusual problems; in cases where there is no established approach or procedure, the extended knowledge and skills set of the group possess a distinct advantage over those of the individual. The group constitutes an environment where the individual's self-apprehended level of authority and responsibility is expanded, in an environment where responsibility is shared: consequently providing a perfect motivation through improved self-esteem and low stress.
There are various examples of teams: choirs, production-lines, football or hockey teams, political parties, committees, business companies, etc. As Blair claims all of them incorporate definite formation stages (Blair 219-223). Forming is the stage when the group initially comes together. Everybody is polite and dull and considers how he can get into the plan. Conflicts are seldom directly voiced; they are predominantly personal and certainly destructive. ...
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