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As the developed world deals more and more with the pressures of increasingly older population, there is a need to evaluate and asses the impact of these developments to society. Among the sectors that are should be examined carefully are labour and geriatric care.


At the same time, is also has been adopted to become the standards of health care after retirement in the rest of Europe (Denters, 2005). After review of the Sutherland, the UK's NHS has identified twenty four key development points to respond to the findings of the study (see Appendix A). The report is not only identifying the programs or the needs for the sector but more importantly, it is highlighting the need to create social programs that consider broader issues in labour, compensation and welfare (Scottish Parliament Information Center). The report is challenging
According to United Nations through World Health Organization (WHO) and the , United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) and the United Nations Population Division (UNPD), the increasing number of people needing geriatric care is challenging the resources and manpower of health systems. The Democratic Health Network (2006) has been conducting a series of studies scrutinizing the changing role of health and welfare systems today. Many of their researches have highlighted the increasing critical role of these programs in ensuring the well-being of elderly citizens and the insufficiency of research knowledge and advocacies for them.
In 2004, Haider and Solong have highlighted that within the demographic is an even more vulnerable sector. ...
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