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It is common knowledge that the diversity of population in the USA is growing: the percentage of people of Asian, African and Latino origin is increasing, and this tendency seems to be rather significant. For example, statistics concerning the US population in the year 2000 showed that there were "71.8% white, 12.2% African-American, and 11.4% Hispanic".


Multicultural Law Enforcement, 2001). This essay is dedicated to describing the major types of cultural misunderstandings between police officers and diverse populations and to analyzing common conflict resolutions used by police departments in such cases. I decided to represent the analysis in the form "problem-possible solution".
The main problem that causes cross-cultural conflicts is the lack of confidence to police forces among the minority communities; when such situation is present then every law enforcement action of a police officer will be viewed as a possible act of discrimination. The possible solution to this situation is to increase the level of the minorities' confidence: both by providing training to the population, informing them about the role and positive actions of police departments, or using mass media to show police actions from a positive point of view. A successful decision may be to hire several police officers from local population, or to enroll trusted representatives of the minorities into law enforcement process.
In order to increase the level of confidence the police may establish contact with local groups of leaders and together work out the decisions concerning armed force use, level of police control and si ...
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