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Contemporary Family

Due to the cultural changes it is seen that the adolescents belonging to Turkey have a different personality than that of the adolescents belonging to the United Kingdom. This article would further review the role of culture in modifying and making up the personality of one individual in the United Kingdom and Turkey.
According to Marcia, family relations and the perspective of the family plays an important role in the development of the personality of one individual (Conger & Galambos, 1997). The relationship between parents and the adolescents plays a very deep role in the character development of the adolescents. To confirm the effect of culture, relationships and the style of living help in the development of the identity of the individual (Adams & Jones, 1983; Grotevant & Cooper, 1985; Matos, Barbosa, Almeida, & Costa, 1999; Meeus, Oosterwegel, & Vollebergh, 2002; Samuolis, Layburn, & Schiaffino, 2001; Weinmann & Newcombe, 1990). Research conducted by many people has clearly illustrated that the parent's personality and views have an effect on the identity that the adolescent adopts. O'Connor (1995) observed that the moral support of parents act as a strong help for the male and female children to recognize and strengthen their individual identity. ...
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Since the birth of this world people have devised a set of rules which they follow. These set of rules can also be known as culture. People in this world have different cultures in which they live in. Research has proved that culture plays an important role in developing the personality of one…
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