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Essay example - The Globalisation of Childhood

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Traditionally the focus of the whole community has been on the young generation which actually follows to inherit the earth. The young generation has ensured that there is perpetuation of the society as it brings forth life back to the earth. Different communities in the world have had different perspectives of bringing up their young ones, but the overall goal has been one: bringing an upright generation that will take care of this earth same as we have taken care of it…

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The economic activity of a community which is dictated by the resources available in that region has greatly affected the way these communities brought up their young ones. For example many western communities have emphasized on education of their children since their economies have been driven by industrialization. Contrary to this, many communities in the developing countries especially in Africa and Asia may not have attached so much value on formal education of their young ones but rather on the main economic activity that they are engaged in. Take for example herdsmen. In many communities who are herders in sub-Saharan Africa, their children spend most of their time looking after their animals and hence have little chances of attending formal education. (Heather et al., 2003, p. 43)
However we should understand that even those communities which did not have any organized formal education for their children, they carried out extensive informal education in their homes. While formal education is aimed at bring some kind of expertise in the growing children, informal education had the same aim of bringing up expertise children in their economic activities and in their cultural values.
The perception each community had ...
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