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Essay example - Contact Between Cultures

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Some countries are reluctant to have contact with other cultures due to cultural and religious conflicts. It is the lack of understanding that is at the root of all exclusiveness or intolerance, mistrust or hatred (Allan, G. 1993).
The difference between the various cultures in the world today on reflection is seen to be one of language or expression more than anything else…

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Humanity is one, and human culture as the expression of an aspiration, an endeavour and an achievement, is also one.
Basically, The physical urge for getting and begetting, for living and propagating, is everywhere present, as also is the desire for a state of permanent happiness for "all this, and heaven too". This desire, which is almost as compelling as the physical urge, is shared by the whole of mankind and has raised men above the level of the merely animal. Religion, with its Janus-face of fear and hope, attempts to unravel the mystery of life and being. These attempts, leading to science and philosophy and cultivation of the emotions (opening up the limitless joys of art and mysticism), are common to mankind in all ages and climes, and they spring everywhere from the pursuit of what the sages of India regarded as the only end for which man is really striving - cessation of suffering and attainment of an ultimate and abiding happiness. And in this common striving, there has never been any isolation of a particular people or group of men from other peoples or groups, whenever contact between them either direct or indirect was made possible. ...
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