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Contemporary Social Structures

Social structures are also standards and behavior that each one expects of others and also follows them formally and informally. The formal social structures are those that each one follows in the course of his work or in affairs requiring official and authoritative sanctions. These may pertain to the person's requirement of such things as accommodation, health care issues, travel, etc. The informal social structures are those that are plainly behavioral in the way a person is expected to do things and carry out in society such as reacting with others or even in the way he exists in society. For instance, I may just walk down the road but I cannot glare at every other person I see on the road.
It is not easy to define contemporary social structures. This is because there are some social structures that are relative and cannot be enforced morally or legally. There are some social issues that are universally acceptable and nobody has any problem with them. For example, I may wake up every morning, brush my teeth and take my bath. Nobody has any problem whether I brush my teeth and have my bath. Nobody will question me if I do not do these either. So long as I am presentable and keep myself in good condition, it does not matter to anyone how I look and behave. ...
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Apparently what is happening in British society today and their interpretations and opinions by others, that is, the authorities and also the common man today can be accepted and applied even universally.
Social structures are norms and natural standards accepted by society and observed by its members…
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