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Antonio Gramsci

The influence of mass media can be observed through a number of examples: public approval of military campaigns in Afghanistan and Iraq, overthrowing of authoritarian regime of Milosevic in Yugoslavia and other examples. It had been historically formed that media always represent corporative or private interests and that's why it can be effectively used manipulations with public opinion and for creating positive or negative attitude in society. As mass media is often regarded to be a production on the hand with commodities production, a number of political, economical and sociological theories can be applied to explain its influence on society and observe the structure of its functioning and mechanisms of influence.
Today it's obvious that in the most developed countries of the world such as the USA and economical giants of the European Union mass media are owned by corporations and they represent certain political and economical interests of their owners:
"Over the past generation, it has become increasingly clear to those on the left that the U.S. mass media, far from performing an autonomous and adversarial role in U.S. society, actively frame issues and promote news stories that serve the needs and concerns of the elite. Moreover, the importance of the leading corporate mass media in contemporary politics radically transcends the role of the mass media in earlier times. ...
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The influence of mass media in our time is so great that it even received the status of the fourth power in society on the hand with legislative, executive and judicial. The power of mass media lies in its ability to create public opinion and to reflect current events in the way that can create different attitudes…
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