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Cross Cultural Marriages - Essay Example

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Robert 30 years old an American is married to Savi 28 years an Indian. They have been married for almost 3 years. Although they are from different countries they were able to adjust to each other culture. But there are still time wherein, cultures and beliefs are the main reason of their argument…

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Cross Cultural Marriages

Many couples believe that love can conquer differences in belief and culture. But Robert does not want to recommend to his friend this kind of marriage. Based on his experience during the first two years, it was a relationship of his dream. But as the time goes by they are having difficulties in understanding each other. Mike who is happily married with his Korean wife disagrees with Robert's idea. For Mike marrying someone with the different culture is not important as long as both of you compromise and respect each other. It seems that Mike and his Korean wife are living together harmoniously as compared to Robert and Savi. Based on their answers Robert and Savi started to have problems when Savi insisted on having their daughter baptized in their religion. Mike and her wife had never encountered this situation, they already agreed on this matter. Also evident on their answers Robert and his wife had contradicting answers while Mike and his wife have the same answer most of the time.
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