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Human services

My first priority in serving others will be that of serving the individual with respect for their emotional, mental, and physical state. The dignity of each person will always be one of my main considerations as I go about this service. I will also serve the organization, institution, or private provider of health services with the same intent. In this day of controversy over the rights of the patient versus the rights of others, it is my position that the rights of the patient come first. However, relationships with the people, including human services employees, family, and friends surrounding the patient are important to the patient or client's well. Recognizing this, I will work as a collaborator with all the people involved in the individual's program of care.
The patient or client is always more than that treated in the physical sense. Their emotional and mental state, regardless of their physical condition, is as important in a good treatment program as are their needs in a medical sense. My experiences and my continued studies in these fields will allow me to serve them better in these realms.
I recognize that the more that I learn, the more I am able to assist others. ...
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My desire to help others is foremost in my commitment to providing human services in both a voluntary and professional manner. In order to accomplish this goal it is my determination to become more knowledgeable about both the professional and paraprofessional aspects of this field…
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