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The Globalization and Culture Issues of Siemens in China - Essay Example

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Author : napoleon43


The researcher of this descriptive essay mostly focuses on the discussion of the topic of globalization and analyzing the culture issues of Siemens in China.The paper will identify main cultural aspects of the Chinese people which are social culture, language and religion. …

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The Globalization and Culture Issues of Siemens in China

The author of the essay "The Globalization and Culture Issues of Siemens in China" assumes that globalization has enabled companies to be able to expand their markets and do business in different parts of the world. However, culture of various host countries has impacted a lot on the way these multinational companies carry out their business. Because of globalization companies have been able to penetrate different markets. Siemens China is a good example of a global company that has managed to successful operate in China However, the company was able to succeed in China after undertaking different policies and methods to overcome the cultural issues in China that were challenging its business success. Thus this paper is going to examine the major factors in cross- cultural issues and management of international companies such as siemens China managed to integrate them in order to succeed. At the end the author concludes: "Culture is a system of values and norms that are shared among a group of people that comprises a design for living that is culture is the way of life. Culture is the greatest concept that must be understood clearly by all managers and Chief Executives Officers of siemens China in order for the company to continue doing well in the Chinese market. We can ascertain that siemens China has been able to manage different cultures through formulation of good marketing policies which have been employed by the company in order to increase their market share and profits". ...
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