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Role of Women in Top Executive Positions - Essay Example

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Quite often the glass ceiling effect is cited as a reason which prevents women from reaching the top echelons of management in various business organizations. Various researches and studies conducted in this field of study indicate that apart from glass ceiling effect several other factors also are responsible for the poor representation of women not only in top executive positions but also in parliament…

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Role of Women in Top Executive Positions

This essay describes the issues connected with this gender based phenomenon and the illusion of equality being attributed to women to reach and remain top positions of the corporate world.
The Report by Equal Opportunities Commission UK, after a study of the number of women in top executive positions has observed that for women to take the position of directors of FTSE 100 companies, just in the same number as men directors, it may take about 60 years. The report has also revealed several other interesting forecasts, the essence of which is the proportion of women in the top jobs in UK as well as their representation in the UK parliament is abysmally poor. Gender diversity, glass ceiling phenomenon and other economical and biological reasons normally deter women climbing the corporate ladder. However, the effectiveness of the contribution by women in the organizational decision making, and the level of emotional intelligence of women may be cited as some of the factors that enhance the role played by women in the corporate and political arena. This paper while attempting to detail the reasons for the poor presence of women in the top slots, it also tries to answer the questions;
While the women represent a major tal ...
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