Marxist Critiques of Welfare - Book Report/Review Example

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Marxist Critiques of Welfare

Much of Marx's work included the ideas that were given out by the writers of that that time including Adam Smith, David Ricardo and Thomas Malthus. These were those authors who always argued in favor of the capitalism while the works of Marx was always speaking against there ideas of the establishment of the capitalist state.
The welfare state, the idea and the final development and implementation of the idea has been surely the greatest standard achievement of the working class of the British people. The welfare state is the only way by which the British people can be taken care of in every way. The working class of the British people needs to be listened and taken care of and be dealt with properly. They have some rights that have to be looked over and be dealt with properly, therefore it is said that the welfare state is the one that can take care of the working class of the British people in a better way (Fergusson 90).
The welfare state is the one that represents the socialist class. There is evidence that the parliament of the UK can make some changes by implementing the socialism or the idea of the welfare state and by finishing the capitalist idea of the state.
After the Second World War and the people all around Britain were unsatisfied with the military. ...
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Marx works were primarily based on the destruction of the capitalism. Marx was the supportive of the progressive history. When the capitalism fell, Marx was hastily looking for ways to tell the people as to why the capitalism had faced its demise and failure…
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