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Multicultural Society of Australia

Australia's, stand on multiculturalism is very clearly presented in The Western Australian Charter of Multiculturalism which states "A just and fair society must be based on equality, respect for all its members and most importantly democracy." (OMI) Multiculturalism is the core essence of Australian society, which stimulates the society, economy and the politics of the country, based on the foundation of liberal democracy and pluralism, supporting ethnicity and cultural diversity.
Multiculturalism is all encompassing, a wider and more open acceptance of people within the community and nation, with emphasis on us, not 'us' and 'them'. Multiculturalism is necessary in Australia, as Australia is one of the most ethnically diverse countries in the world and multiculturalism is needed as consequences of mass immigration and growing cultural diversity. A close examination of the case of Australia for multiculturalism requires taking into account the historical context in which the policy of multiculturalism rose. "Australia is a nation of immigrants, initially from Great Britain, who, over the course of two centuries, displaced an indigenous population and founded a liberal-democratic state."( ...
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Australia maintains the reputation of being a multicultural nation, with a multicultural society in this modern world. It is a country inhabiting many indigenous immigrants and refugee culture. These diverse people residing in the country are from all over the world…
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