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Article example - Funding a Community Book Festival

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High school
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Book fairs are really something great. Some people think that they are actually meant something related with the collection of funds but, it is the thing which feeds great thoughts to the people around. So the least thing is thinking a book fair from this point of view…

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See, now you can realize that books are our friends it can solve all our needs just like our friend. We can also search the answers for the question which we cannot ask anyone. So let us come to the discussion about book fairs.
One can say that a book fair is being held for various reasons it may be for the reason of promoting literacy or in the other case trying to make some profit why not in some cases just to make the people know about the skills of the authors. Whatever the reason may be a book festival mainly creates the awareness among the people regarding various issues and it makes people to think about the subject that they read through the book. The major advantage of a book festival is that it makes all kind of people to learn something I am saying this because we can see many people who do not know where to find the books and how to select the book they are in need of. Why not sometimes they will be in need of a cheaper books but, unfortunately they will not be able to get them in a book shop whereas they will find their actual need in a book festival so book fairs has this much of influence in people. Now, let us see some more points in the coming lines.
Organizers of a book drive for book festivals are always on a mission "to promote literacy, life-long learning and understanding by distributing donated new and used b ...
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