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Media Master

Brooks claims that men seek women like they see in magazines because they believe those women are the cultural ideals in today's society. This is problematic because this viewpoint is not realistic. Furthermore, as a result, men often miss out on meaningful relationships with women that are not so perfect physically, but that would make wonderful soul mates under the surface. Brooks calls this problem the centerfold syndrome.
The centerfold syndrome, indoctrinated sometimes subtly, depersonalizes women, perpetuates anatomical falsities, and creates idealized and unreal fantasies about sex and sexuality; in short, it makes women objects of conquest, not people to interact with. The elements of this syndrome include (1) voyeurism (omnipresent images of naked and near-naked women), (2) objectification (women become objects to be observed), (3) need for validation through sexual conquest, (4) trophyism (women's bodies as trophies to be "collected"), and (5) fear of intimacy (insensitivity to emotional needs and issues).
Levy (2005, pg. 1) agrees with the aforementioned viewpoints on the objectification of women. ...
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According to the work of Code (2003, pg. 1), "'Objectification' was first used in 1970s analyses of film, art and popular media to explore treatments of women (frequently 'images of women') that reduce us to passive, gendered objects (to be desired, exploited and hurt) rather than presenting us has fully human subjects…
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