Body Image of the Youth

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In today's world, body image and physical appearance plays a huge role in a person's emotional, social, mental, and physical health. Body image or the manner in which a person perceives his or her own body and physical appearance remains to be one of the very serious issues tackled in health, psychology, sociology, and education (Snow, 2000).


Although body image includes many facets of issues within its context, body image is most often associated with self-esteem issues being that it is the level of one's satisfaction with his or her physical self (Jones, 2001).
As body image greatly affects a person's development from early childhood to adulthood, it is important to study how influential factors affect a healthy body image perception. For adolescents, the concept of body image is crucial in their development to becoming healthy adult individuals. As such, at the very heart and core of adolescence and youth lies the concept of body image as they search for identity and make their stamp in the world (Ferron, 1997).
There are many factors that affect a person's perception of his or her body image. However, it is the media and the celebrity culture that goes along with it that plays a more significant role. In this study, the effects of the media, specifically magazines and the celebrity culture, on the youth 14 to 18 years old.
Vital to the success of this study is first and foremost the research materials gathered that would support the hypothesis of the study entitled "Thin and Slim is Sexy: The Media's Impact on the Body Image of the Youth Ages 14 to 18."
The design chose ...
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